” Your Heart and Mind is filled with poetic Lines, Just unleash it. “

By: Shadrach Victor Nartey Kwetso.

Ghana is a country and Accra  is the capital. I am Poetgeneral and I welcome you to my blog. My blog is primarily for the purposes of impact. Poetry, Today in History, which is centered on biographies of renowned and emerging entrepreneurs, poets, actors, etc. Today’s quote / Today in literature, Today’s tribute, Christianity Journal, relationship Journal, Family Journal and stories( short and long).

I relish greatly, your stay on my blog. Feel free to enjoy the best and colorful works. Your engagement in liking, commenting and following is greatly appreciated.

I write to inspire, motivate and encourage. I speak to influence, to touch a ready and a willing heart. I am a reader, I read to accumulate knowledge. I think to have the mind always on a run because, the power to invent is in the ability of thinking. welcome to my space and enjoy the best of my writings.


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